Thursday, September 1, 2011

Contest results

have been long overdue.  The benefit weekend went great!  We raised a good chunk of loot to fuel the project.  Thanks to all our helpers and sponsors who made these events possible.

14 and under: Dryw Hopps 1st, Bryant Quinton 2nd, & Sawyer Sorgentrei 3rd place.

14-19:  Domonic O'Conner 1st, Elliot Crakr 2nd, and Evan Punnell 3rd..

20+:  Charlie Krieg 1st, Jeff Muirhead 2nd, Danny Lindsay/Chatch Law tied for 3rd, and Al Sandlin/ Seamus O'Conner tied at 4th..

Best Trick:  Seamus O'Conner-  switch FS bigspin down the the infamous corner, and a nameless young gun won a deck for solid kickflips too.

Bowl Jam:  Chase Griffen 1st, ripper known only as Victor from Mukilteo 2nd, and John Aguilar 3rd

Everything went smoothly, and people who deserved it, scored stuff...  Thanks!

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