Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Progress. !!!

Long awaited updates: The Glacier Skatepark has it's permits and we are not being lazy!  Get to it!

Sage, down since day one!  Big thanks, buddy!  Bolyard Family rips!
"it'll skate"
this wall was fun...  but, "your turn's over"
Old park gone, new park going up...  Spanky owns it.
Thanks to all who came out for our benefit events last weekend!  It was great to feed the local scene!  Keep your park clean, don't fight, cooperate... and we may just get another one built.
Huge thanks to the Burnside community for helping out and feeding energy!
Brice Niebuhr, fall down go boom...  Thanks for coming up and working hard, always supporting, always ripping, always inspiring!
Phases 2 and 3...

Check out some editional bloggage of the demo action over here...

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Project's Permits

have finally been granted by Whatcom County!  Be on the lookout for new benefit shirt graphics and upcoming fundraising events!  Thanks for supporting DIY!